Data Protection Services

Mandatory vs Voluntary DPO

Article 37(1) of the GDPR requires the designation of a DPO in three specific cases:

  • Processing carried out by a public authority or body
  • Regular and systematic processing on a large scale
  • Processing special categories of data or criminal convictions

The majority of our clients do not meet the above criteria, however they have opted to appoint a certified DPO on a voluntary, light-touch, basis for the following reasons:

The role is held by someone who is busy with their day-job
They want someone to turn to when there's a question or issue
Getting data protection wrong could lead to fines and brand harm

Our DPO Subscription Plans

Data Protection Services

Our three DPO Subscription plans come with the below support included:

All our DPO Subscription plans contain the same services. These are:

  • Virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO) support
  • Named and certified DPO, registered with ICO
  • Upfront and annual data protection assessment
  • Data protection template access
  • Support with DPIAs, DSARs, data breach responses and contract clause reviews
  • Access to our employee data protection training



Up to 2-hours support per month



Up to 4-hours support per month



Up to 8-hours support per month

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